Hayden’s brilliant new project- Oswra

(Better known as Zolloc)

Designer / Animator 

: Contact - hayden@zolloc.com

: Austin, TX

: Programs used for .Gifs: - Cinema 4D / Photoshop / Poser

: Available for freelance

Hayden Zezula

Prepare for whoah.

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This old lady just stopped me in Meijer and was like “It’ll be okay. Whatever’s got you down, it’ll be fine.” 

"Do I look that bad today?" I chuckled.

"You just seem down in the dumps. It happens, things happen. But it’ll pass," put her hand on my shoulder, "you’ll be fine, you’ll be great. I can tell."

People are fuckin’ weird and I attract the weirdest. I have daily random encounters that I couldn’t make up if I wanted to. And if I could make them up, I’d probably have ten novels written by now.

Also I need to start putting on make up before running to the store.


The Nylon Rope Sculptures of Mozart Guerra

Mozart Guerra

Born in Recife, Brazil, in 1962, Mozart studied architecture at University Federal of Pernambuco and obtained his degree in 1986. He worked as a set designer for theatre, cinema, and TV in Brazil while developing in parallel his work as a sculptor.

Mozart has been living and working in Paris since 1992 and has taken part in several individual and collective exhibits in art saloons and art galleries in Brazil, France, Canada, Germany, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Luxemburg and Italy.

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Leaving my job effective September 12th. 

I didn’t exactly quit, I wasn’t exactly fired. More like a mutual decision to save my sanity,  I think. 

My life seems to be a neverending series of stops and starts and sharp turns and forks in the road that make me feel a certain amount of freedom but it’s also exhausting. 

So, here we go again. Chalk this one up to experience. Reminding myself that a job does not have to define you. Reminding myself that I didn’t fail, that an extrovert with A.D.D. is of course going to be miserable and stressed and make embarrassing mistakes at a job where you sit in the corner and look at spreadsheets. Reminding myself that some folks will question my decisions, but that my real friends either get it or support me without needing to understand.

Keeping calm, carrying on, etc. etc.


The original cast of Pretty Little Liars


The original cast of Pretty Little Liars

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A Koala reflecting on his sins, his triumphs, and the inevitability of death.

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